SWTOR Unofficial Oceanic Servers

PVP: the Swiftsure

PVE: the Harbinger and JekkJekk Tarr.

http://torguild.net/oceanic/ if you want a population breakdown.  Its roughly down the middle in terms of initial assignment by Bioware.

JJT has a smaller number of larger guilds, with a greater proportion of US based members.  Harbinger (Har-bin-jer) has a larger number of smaller guilds.

Carpe Jugulum was assigned to Harbinger, so we’re staying there.  Some guilds are going to move to Harbinger, others will form a guild on each server.  I think the numbers favour Harbinger, so go there if you want people playing in the New Zealand/Australian time zone.  Harbinger also has an alphabetical order advantage, and is possibly a ‘cooler’ name.

It was interesting being in a long vent meeting with 30+ guild masters.  Lots of talk, much of which hit control problems, in that we can’t control what individual guilds and players choose to do.  Conversation was friendly, and I hope the community sticks together.  There was a resolution to go and tell the forum trolls to STFU.

So now I’m waiting to see when I get an e-mail telling me I can log on.  So I spent some time tidying up my inventory stocks in WoW, selling off the last of my merchandise.  At the end of it all, I have just over 1.5 million virtual gold.

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