Current Game Projects

(1) Earning the Kingslayer title in World of Warcraft on my Mage and Paladin.
(2) Sorting out a week’s annual leave to play Cataclysm when it launches on December.
(3) Playing a bit of Fallout 3: New Vegas.
(4) Designing “Drow Academy”, a roleplaying scenario for play at Kapcon 2011.
(5) Redesigning “Decline and Fall of the Galactic Empire”.
(6) Playtesting (4) and (5) at Christmas.
(7) Thinking about “American Apocalypse”, a grand strategy game design for Buckets of Dice 2011.

For my next few posts I plan to concentrate on my Decline and Fall game. I’ll start by examining the large number of failed design iterations I have accumulated over the last 15 years. I will also look a bit at my sources, the theory of how complex societies collapse, and a look at Adrian Goldsworth’s account of how the Roman Empire fell. Then I’ll spend a post sketching out the new mechanics I have come up with to try and make this a playable and fun boardgame.

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