Trillium Bars

If you follow the legendary quest chain in Patch 5.2 for World of Warcraft, you will hit “Secrets of the Empire”, which requires 20 Secrets of the Empire from the Throne of Thunder raid instance, and 40 Trillium Bars.

While the raid drop will be the more time consuming item to acquire, the Trillium Bars are likely to cost a fair whack of gold.  40 Bars is a lot, my server Auction House had 113 bars listed this morning for around 80g each.  So just three raiders would clean the AH out.  So I predict that the price for Trillium Ore will go up a bit, possibly some very spiky bursts, as will the price of Trillium Bars.  If Trillium Bar prices stay high, then ghost iron ore, bars and living steel go up as well.

So its a good time to grab any cheap Mists ore you see on the AH (I’m snaffling trillium ore <10g and ghost iron ore at <2g), and if you are a raider it would not hurt to stockpile the 40 Bars early.  I’m pretty sure I could make the bars for around 40g each at the moment, so that’s half the current AH price and a potential saving of 1,600+ gold when the patch goes live.

Caveat: its the PTR, everything could change.

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