Buckets of Dice 2012: Grand Strategy Game

This was my successful pitch for the Grand Strategy game.

Sun & Starship: A Space Opera

The Galactic Empire struggles to survive against its enemies … not all of whom are from outside the Empire.  While the Great Houses accumulate power in the provinces, the immortal clone princes squabble over the Imperial throne.  Meanwhile, someone has to get the paperwork done…

This will feature an evolution of the style of game I have run over the past two years.  One of my design goals is to beef up the non-map part of the game, and to have major roles available for people who would prefer something closer to roleplaying than giant boardgames. Its not deliberately a decline & fall scenario, that will be entirely up to how the players choose to manage their resources.

In terms of factions: – one large Imperial team (up to ten players) – four or more house factions of 3+ players – one or more enemy factions of rebels, pirates, warlords, etc (3+ players each)

Maps – looking at three main game maps (Core, Inner, and Outer Sectors) – as well as the map room, there needs to be a committee room for meetings of the Imperial government – in addition to the queue mechanic for map access, successfully completing bits of Imperial Government Paperwork will allow factions to execute special map moves.

I’ll be doing some design work over the Xmas break, so I’ll be taking time to review all the feedback people gave me after the last game.  Having a laser printer is also going to make a lot of the design work much easier (and the final result should be prettier).

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